Anvil is set to record a new album, set for 2020 release

Recently there has been a lot of buzz going on about the possible release of a new album by the band. Many people were guessing that the new album will drop sometime this year, but there was a post made recently on Blabbermouth, an interview with Steve that said the band is going for the 18th album release in 2020.

<h2>Is there going to be a new Anvil album?</h2>

According to the story that I’ve read, Anvil plans to start recording the new album sometime in October this year, in Germany. They will use the same studio, the same producer and everything the same like with the previous album, “Pounding the Pavement”, which was released in 2018.

Band hasn’t published a name for the new album, release date is still a ways off, so it doesn’t surprise me that album name isn’t known. What Steve did say is that the album sound won’t be that much different from the previous albums that the band has released. I believe that Steve’s words were that there’s going to be a few fast songs, and a few slow songs, just like before.

I already mentioned this in the big announcement on the main page, but it’s really great seeing a band that’s been on the scene for so long to first of all still be together, and not only that, but also to still push out new albums and tour on such a regular basis. That’s what I truly love about Anvil. They have been true to their fans, even through thick and thin. Countless smaller band have over the years broke out to the scene, gathered a bunch of faithful fans, and then in a short amount of time disbanded, without any chance of new live shows, let alone any kind of new albums or anything like that.

With Anvil, we are really pampered. Very few bands can say that they have the kind of track record that Anvil has, that they are still going strong even after close to 40 years of activity, and after close to 20 albums under their belt. If you are excited about the new album, and would like to know when it does eventually get released, I suggest that you subscribe to the Anvil social media accounts, primarily their Facebook and Twitter profiles. I’ve said this before, but for a band this small, they don’t really have a huge PR team, so most of their communication with the fans goes through social media. If you don’t have either Facebook or Twitter, you can still open up their profiles, and keep a close eye on new announcements. You just won’t be getting any kind of updates or anything like that. Let us know what you think about the new album in the comments below.