Anvil had a very prodigious, with 17 albums published in the 40 years that the band has been playing. Their latest album “Pounding the Pavement” has been released only a couple of months ago, in January this year. Next to the 17 studio albums, the band has also released 3 compilation albums and 1 live album. Here’s a list of albums that the band has released in chronological order.

Studio albums

  1. Hard ‘n’ Heavy (1981)
  2. Metal on Metal (1982)
  3. Forged in Fire (1983)
  4. Strength of Steel (1987)
  5. Pound for Pound (1988)
  6. Worth the Weight (1992)
  7. Plugged in Permanent (1996)
  8. Absolutely No Alternative (1997)
  9. Speed of Sound (1999)
  10. Plenty of Power (2001)
  11. Still Going Strong (2002)
  12. Back to Basics (2004)
  13. This Is Thirteen (2007)
  14. Juggernaut of Justice (2011)
  15. Hope in Hell (2013)
  16. Anvil Is Anvil (2016)
  17. Pounding the Pavement (2018)

They were always very creative in their naming schemes, heh. Their music always revolved around heavy metal and speed metal sounds. That’s the trademark of Anvil. Whereas other bands would often experiment with different styles and sounds, Anvil kept to the same formula, and that’s why I love them. You can find more about their discography on the band Wikipedia page. All the albums can be streamed on iTunes, Google Play and Deezer, so check them out there if you want to enjoy in some classic, old fashioned heavy metal.